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My Garden Design offers a comprehensive array of garden design services for landscapers. Here’s a quick reminder of how we can help you to work smarter not harder.

  • Profit from garden design and expand your business
  • Clear pricing with no hidden costs– get an instant quote online
  • YOU are in control – our designers don’t contact your clients
  • Save time and work more efficiently
  • No training or expensive software required
  • Easy to use information-gathering tools
  • All designs created by qualified garden designers
  • Beautifully presented concept plans to impress your clients and help you win work
  • Your logo on every garden design – helps build a good impression of your brand
  • Mobile-friendly technology – complete your project plan in just 1 site visit

What is My Garden Design?

My Garden Design is an online garden design service created for landscapers by landscapers. If I were to sum it up in one sentence it would be this

My Garden Design services for landscapers

As a landscaper myself, I totally understand the joys and frustrations of working directly with garden designers. Don’t get me wrong – some are fantastic. Others seem to slow a project down. I devised My Garden Design to help other landscapers to get good quality garden designs drawn up quickly and with no fuss.

Together with Gary Marshall from UThink1, I’ve created an online portal that allows landscapers to take control of the entire design and build process. But by using My Garden Design, landscapers have no need to invest in extra staff, expensive software, or time-consuming training.

Behind the frontage of the My Garden Design website is some sophisticated coding (Gary is a genius!) to help you quote for and deliver garden design services that will impress each and every one of your clients.

No more multiple visits to site – gather all the information you need in one go and upload it to the MGD website from your mobile phone, tablet, or PC.  3-4 weeks after you’ve authorised payment, a professionally designed concept plan will land in your inbox.

Every garden design you commission will carry your own Company branding and contact details….your client will not be able to contact us and we will not contact them. You can present the design to your clients, help them visualise their new garden, and start building whenever you are ready.

Why use My Garden Design?

My Garden Design’s services for landscapers gives you an amazing opportunity to expand your business without investing in extra labour or new technology.  You already carry out site visits, discuss your client’s wish list and take measurements….so by using MGD, you won’t increase your workload – just your potential profit margin.

Trade prices leave room for profit

Our concept plans are priced below the RRP for garden design – which means that you can make a profit margin on each one – even after you have recouped the cost of your site visit.

Improve your work conversion rate

I believe, that being able to offer complete garden design and build services actually helps you to win more work. Many potential clients don’t realise that garden design and landscaping are different skills sets. They expect landscapers to be able to build a quote based on a vague wish list….and you and I both know that’s simply not possible.

To turn up for a site visit and ask your client to organise a garden design simply confuses them – plus they see it as an extra layer of hassle and cost. You, however, can take away their pain by taking control of the design stage as well as the actual landscaping. People in general will take the easiest solution to their problem and there’s something quite attractive about only having to manage one supplier relationship.

A raft of free marketing tools

To help you sell the concept of garden design, we have created some FREE marketing tools. First of all, there’s a customer questionnaire – to help you discover if their budgeting expectations are reasonable. We have also created a customer handout to explain why garden design is essential to the success of their project. (You can easily add your branding to this)

If you prefer to work with a pen and paper when on site – you can download our client brief questionnaire. Some landscapers like to email this to their clients in advance so that they can think about what they need.

Check out our Useful Documents Section

Need some ideas as to how to integrate garden design with your current promotions? The MGD team are very happy to help.  We can advise on cost-effectively tweaking your website and/or social media profiles to reflect your new services.  Read more here

Let us show you how MGD works

Before the “silly season” for landscaping starts, why not let one of our team walk you through the entire My Garden Design experience?  It will take less than 15 minutes out of your day – and of course, we’re very happy to chat and lunchtime or after work.

We’ll show you just how easy it is to get a garden design quote online – instantly! Then you can take an in-depth look at the design dashboard and see just how easy it is to upload information. You’ll see that there’s nothing to pay until you are ready to commission the design and we’ll show you some past projects so that you can assess our work.

Ready to try?  Call or email today to make an appointment.

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