A celebration of 3D garden design

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3D garden design is one of the most popular services offered by My Garden Design. Here’s how it can help you win better work for your landscaping business.

What is 3D Garden Design?

Honestly, 3D garden design is exactly what the name suggests. We take a traditional ”flat” design and using computer technology, we bring it to life. Using careful scaling and realistic images, your layout plan becomes an actual visualisation of what your clients garden will look like once its built.

3D driveway design

3D driveway design created by My Garden Design on behalf of  Gunns and Roses

Why upgrade to 3D?

As a landscaper, you are probably already very good at visualising a garden just from a 2D layout plan. And quite honestly, you don’t need 3-dimensional plans to be able to lay out and build beautiful gardens.  But before you start landscaping, you do need to agree with your client, what it is you are going to build.

Most clients don’t use layout plans in their everyday life. They may have planned the layout for their kitchen or bathroom, but in general, they find it difficult to visualise how lines on a piece of paper will translate into a brand new garden.

Computer generated 3D images are a familiar format that is frequently used in film making, adverts, TV programs and video games. Most people will have had some experience of interacting with virtual scenery and so 3D rendered designs are easy for your landscaping clients to interpret. 

3D garden design detail of outdoor dining terrace

A 3D impression of just one section of a much larger garden. Created so that the clients could visualise their outdoor dining area and how it will connect to the rest of the garden.

Winning better business with 3D garden design

Why would anyone spend thousands of pounds on something they have never seen? The cost of a garden makeover is comparable to the price of a new car. Would you buy a car without seeing it first? Especially if you couldn’t send it back if you didn’t like it!   Likewise for a home extension. It’s a sizeable investment and you would want to see detailed drawings of every elevation as well as the floor plan.

If you, as a landscaper can iron out all of the glitches in the design BEFORE you start work, you are less likely to have requests for last minute changes. There’ll be fewer “can you just” and “would you mind changing” type requests. And your clients are more likely to be happy with the end result, because it will be exactly what they expected.

Offering 3D garden design shows your landscaping business in a positive life….especially if it is beautifully presented. Put yourself in your client’s shoes….would you buy from someone who can show you a portfolio of past designs? Or would you buy from someone who sketches your idea on the back of a cereal packet?

Examples of 3D garden design 

3D garden design for patio

3D garden design showing the proposed garden layout for a moderately sized back garden


3D garden design with hot tub


Above and below:  Back garden layout with patio, garden shed and hot tub. We’ve deliberately kept the details on the house minimal so that the clients can focus their attention on the garden.

3D back garden design

Showing different viewpoints really does help people to imagine themselves spending time in the space. The 3D visualisation enables clients and landscapers to agree on what is to be built – it takes away all confusion and leads to happier customer relationships.

Need help with 3D garden designs to help convert your enquirers into customers? Get in touch with the MGD team today and find out how we can help.

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