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Confused by the array of garden design software online? My Garden Design has the perfect solution – and it won’t take you long to master it!

At first glance, it may seem like a no-brainer to create your own garden design plans. However, it’s actually more complex than you imagine. First, you need to find a peaceful place where you can think clearly, undisturbed by co-workers, clients and homeschooling children. Next, you must find affordable software. If you are not designing regularly, it can be difficult to justify the cost of design software.

Once you are set up, then, you need to figure out how to key the garden dimensions and existing features into the software. That’s before you can work out how to represent each feature, how to adjust the proportions, and how to swap everything around while you play with ideas. Until you become an expert, creating garden design plans online can be just as time-consuming as drawing them by hand.

My Garden Design has a cost-effective alternative for you

  • No expensive software – access all of our garden design tools for free
  • No specialist computer skills are necessary.
  • You have 100% control over the client relationship. Our garden designers will come to you with any queries
  • Less work for you – no sitting up until 2 am struggling to build garden design plans – that’s our job!
  • Speedy – your design will be with you within 4 weeks
  • COVID safe – client brief and site survey can easily be completed within social distancing guidelines
  • Step by step guides to ensure you gather the right information first time round – you only need to make one preliminary site visit.
  • An experienced landscaper will check your design before it is released to you
  • Totally discreet – all designs carry your own Company branding. MGD remains anonymous

How does My Garden Design work?

Paul Baker is the Creator of My Garden Design, he’s an experienced landscaper who also runs a traditional garden design studio. Frustrated at the amount of time wasted by site visits, lengthy conversations and writing quotes simply to have the client buy from someone else, Paul wanted to build an online platform to help close sales quickly and efficiently.

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Sign up to MGD for FREE access to a range of tools to guide you – and your customer – through the garden design and build process

  1. Phone and email questionnaires to help you decide whether this enquirer is a good match for your business. ie – fewer site visits where the client’s budget doesn’t fit with your pricing.
  2. Downloadable leaflets to help your client understand why they need a garden design before you can quote for the project.
  3. Build a project profile online using your smartphone, tablet or PC. You can do this during the site visit – no more note taking!
  4. Clear pricing on our website. Use the quick quote tool to discover what it will cost to design your client’s garden – and what you should be charging the client for the service.
  5. Use our client brief tool to make sure you ask all the right questions. It’s a series of simple check box that you can complete from your smartphone with the customer right beside you.
  6. Upload images of the site while you are on site.
  7. Full guidance on completing a site survey and recording the details. If you’re not confident, we can organise a professional surveyor to do this for you.
  8. Speedy turnaround time. Our team of designers will start work on your project as soon as payment has been received. Expect your completed garden design to be emailed to you in less than 4 weeks.

Want to know more?

If you are intrigued by the idea of creating garden design plans online without spending hours glued to a computer, please explore our website where you’ll find a wealth of helpful articles explaining what we do.

For some of the garden design tools, you will need to be registered as a trade customer and logged in to your account.  Don’t worry, the website is totally secure and we won’t bombard you with calls or emails.

Use the links below to find out more about creating garden design plans online

Register as a trade customer for full access to all of our garden design tools.  Registration takes 2 minutes and costs nothing.

Explore our website at your leisure.

Call today for a free training on how to make the most of My Garden Design.



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