Managing Garden Design Costs

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In general, landscaping clients have a finite budget. So what if the garden design costs unexpectedly eat into the build budget? My Garden Design can solve that problem.

My Garden Design is a service for landscapers that has a unique approach to pricing garden designs.  Our prices are based solely on the size of the garden. There are no hidden costs. What you are quoted is what you pay. And if you want any extras such as site surveys, 3D render, planting plans, lighting plans or more than one design tweak. We will quote separately for those.

discover garden design worth with the MGD quick quote tool

The quick quote facility on the My Garden Design website allows you to get a firm design quote based on the plot dimensions

Get a firm quote before you commit to buy

In any aspect of business, it’s those sneaky unexpected costs that eat into the profit margin. We’ve all had landscaping jobs where bad weather slows the work down and ramps up the man-hours to more than you quoted.

My Garden Design works on a fixed quote system.  And we don’t normally need to see the garden to be able to quote. Which means that you have full control over the garden design costs for your project.

Our website is programmed to give you an instant garden design quote based on the dimensions of the plot.  It doesn’t matter if the garden is sloping, soggy, hard to access or has any of the common pitfalls that landscapers encounter.  All of those things will be covered in the build quote, not the design.

To get your garden design quote, all you need to do is use the quick quote facility on our website. You’ll have your price within seconds. 

MGD prices include a trade discount. We suggest a recommended price for you to sell at, which factors in the hour or so you’ll spend gathering information during your site visit.

YOU tell US what you need

If all you need is a simple, 2D concept plan for your clients. That’s what we will create for you.  We won’t try to talk you into letting us specify materials, tell you how to build the garden or ask you to make changes part way through the build.  All of those things are for you to decide along with your client.  

After all, you know your client better than we do. You also know what’s available from your preferred suppliers and what the local materials prices are.

Of course, if you are scratching your head trying to decide which summerhouse best suits the style of the garden or what colour you should paint the fence….our team are always on hand make suggestions and our hourly rate is really quite modest.

garden design for modern family friendly garden

A typical design from the MGD team – note that it’s our client’s (ie the landscaper’s) logo and contact details shown on the right hand side. 


How to get a quote for garden design costs

  1. Register as a landscaping business on the My Garden Design Website (follow this link)
  2. Login to your dashboard
  3. Click on the Quick Quote button at the top of the page
  4. Enter the length and width of your plot
  5. Your quote will appear on the screen

It really is a very simple process and the results are instant.


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