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If you are a whizz at hard landscaping but all fingers and thumbs when it comes to choosing the plants for a project, this service is for you.  My Garden Design creates planting plans for landscapers that will take your projects to the next level.

The planting plan can make a difference between a great garden and a breathtakingly beautiful outdoor space. Along with lighting, plants set the ambience of a space and, if they are carefully chosen, they will highlight the superior quality of the hard landscaping too.

beautiful garden with well designed planting plan

This outdoor kitchen and patio is stupendous and the planting takes it to a whole other level.
Based on these results, the landscaper has been invited to landscape the front garden and drive too. 

Planting plans to garner word of mouth marketing

As landscapers ourselves, we know how important the client’s reaction is to the success of a landscaping business.  The happier the client, the more they will show their garden off to all and sundry. The more people see your work, the more enquiries will come flooding through the door.  The same applies to your website and your social media profiles – having stunning pictures to demonstrate your talents will attract a better class of customer.

So what will make your hard landscaping work stand out from your competitors’ work? Besides having a great design and a high standard of workmanship, the thing that makes a garden look really great, is the planting plan.

Knowing which plants to put where

Plants are an enigma.  Whilst you might find it easy to lay an intricately shaped patio with recessed lighting and manhole covers, deciding on the planting could well get you all of a dither.  There’s so much to think about.  

  • How big will they grow? 
  • How fast will they grow?
  • What distance apart should they be planted? 
  • Will they last for years and years or just for one season? 
  • Which plants look good together? 
  • Should any plants be avoided if there are children or pets using the garden? 
  • How will you ensure all year round interest? 
  • Do they want sun or shade? 
  • Can the clients care for them properly?

Nipping down to B&Q and picking up the plants you think might look good sounds like a quick solution, but it doesn’t guarantee a long term, beautiful display that will get your business recommended.

Don’t understand plants? Don’t worry!

Make your work stand out from the rest with a bespoke planting plan from My Garden Design. Your clients will be blown away by it. Plus they’ll have a written plan of what goes where, in case any plants need replacing.  We’ve even heard of people framing their planting plans and putting them on the wall!

Planting Plan FAQ’s

What does a planting plan show?

It’s a guide to how to set out the plants in each border, island bed and planter.  You’ll be able to see which species to plant where and we’ll even include a bill of quantities to speed up the ordering process.

front garden planting plan



A typical planting plan showing how to position the different plant species.  This will be accompanied by a bill of quantities listing the total number of each plant required.

What information would I need to provide?

Just as for a garden design, we’ll need to know the proportions of the areas to be planted. We also need to know about aspect, drainage, features in the garden, positioning of gates, terraces etc, soil type and the client’s preferred planting style. Oh – and a rough idea of budget is incredibly helpful. If all that sounds a bit complicated – the layout plan you used for the groundworks and hard landscaping will probably tell us most of what we need to know.

How long does it take to create a planting plan?

We can usually email your finished planting plan to you within 3-4 weeks of order confirmation.  If you need it quicker than that, we’ll try to juggle work around to accommodate you – but no guarantees!

What does a planting plan cost?

Pricing up a planting plan depends on many things. The size of the area and the planting style will affect the amount of time it takes for a garden designer to create a layout plan and work out how many plants you need, what species and where to place them.

As I write this, I’m working on a quoting tool so that you’ll be able to see prices online. However – it may be a few weeks before it’s up and running. In the meantime, please call or email me with some details about the garden and I will come back to you ASAP with a quote.

Do you give planting and aftercare advice?

Our garden designers usually create planting plans for landscapers with the minimum amount of plant care advice. However, if you or your client wants more information, we can certainly provide a maintenance plan for a moderate charge.

Do you supply plants?

Plant sourcing is an art form – especially if the build budget has nearly been eaten up by the hard landscaping.

My Garden Design is more than happy to price up and organise your delivery of plants, thus saving you even more time. We have some fantastic contacts with reputable nurseries who deliver nationwide.  These are British growers – small businesses who work hard to offer a wide variety of great quality plants and icontribute to the UK economy.

Want to know more?

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