Holmes and Gardens: Golfer's Garden Design

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This golfer’s garden has plenty of room for relaxing as well as a dedicated space for putting practice.

The Client

Holmes and Gardens are a Chelmsford based landscaping company specialising in imaginative, yet practical gardens.

The Golfer’s Garden Design Brief

It’s great to be asked to design a garden with a sporting theme and this one was particularly interesting.  It’s a medium sized back garden attached to a relatively modern house whose owner is a keen golfer. 

Philip Holmes, of Holmes and Gardens asked us to imagine a garden for his client who had some specific requirements.

This garden is to be used for relaxing, entertaining, al-fresco eating, gardening and – yes- golf.

The clients have asked for a dedicated area where they can safely practice their putting techniques for golf.  This is to be an all weather area, preferably covered. It needs storage space, screening from the main garden the potential for heating in inclement weather.

There is a slope to this garden and so a retaining wall is needed to create level surfaces. The clients would like to keep their existing planting.

Philip’s clients want lots of traditional cottage garden style planting, but the garden itself needs to have a contemporary feel.  They want their garden to be absolutely unique. Nothing at all like an of the landscaped gardens they’ve ever seen before.

Golfer’s Garden Design

Our designers focussed first of all on the garden layout.

The householders will be able to step out of their home onto a generous porcelain patio.  The patio is hugged by a retaining wall with steps at either end leading to a curved path surrounding a natural lawn.  To the left of the garden, the path leads to an existing summerhouse. 

On the right hand side, the path takes visitors to a second patio which is adorned with a set of timber posts. These help to screen the back fence as well as adding height to the garden.  Stepping stones are strategically placed to ease wear and tear on the lawn.

Now for the important bit – the putting area.  Tucked between the house and the garage is a timber pergola with an artificial grass floor.  The roof of the pergola has timber beams. Beneath the beams are canvas sails for partial weather proofing.   Artfully placed planters screen the golf area from the rest of the garden.

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